CHICAGO, IL -- NeoCon, the premier event for the commercial interiors industry, announces a comprehensive lineup of CEUs and workshops to complement this year’s keynotes and featured presentations. Registration is now available for the sessions, which will be held both in-person and virtually. Anchored by the theme “Design Takes Shape,” this year's edition will provide a platform where diverse perspectives converge to foster enrichment and growth across a wide range of topics and disciplines.
 “At NeoCon, we are dedicated to curating a diverse programming experience, providing a dynamic blend of educational courses, inspirational talks, and hands-on workshops,” comments Nubia Henderson, director of programming for NeoCon. “Our CEUs and workshops will provide access to the technical skills and exposure to fresh ideas necessary to shift paradigms and promote growth, all within a vibrant, collaborative environment ideal for learning and innovation.”
 More than 50 CEU-approved programs and workshops will be accessible exclusively to registered NeoCon attendees and will feature speakers from leading associations, universities, architecture and design firms, and top media outlets, as well as experts in workplace, sustainability, emerging technology and more. From leveraging neuroscience insights for complex design challenges and honing technical expertise in podcasting, to integrating artificial intelligence into design processes, the modules will provide ample opportunity for intensive learning and actionable inspiration.
 NeoCon will offer a wide selection of on-demand sessions starting June 10th through September 13th. They will cover various topics and verticals including DEI, Design Skills, Education, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industry Directions, Lighting, Public Space, Sustainability, Technology, Wellness and Workplace.
 Below is the schedule of CEUs and workshops offered onsite at NeoCon. To register and explore the full listing of 2024 programming, including CEU-approved programs, workshops, featured presentations and keynotes, head to
Monday, June 10, 2024

  • CEU: 20 Things That Neuroscientists Know the Designers Need to Know
    9:00 AM CDT

    Speaker: Sally Augustin, PhD
     What have neuroscientists learned about humans that’s useful to designers, people solving wicked problems? Plenty, when study findings are discussed in everyday language and practical terms, not as isolated, cryptic soundbites. This session provides insights to inform tough design decisions, not to dictate how they are resolved. Topics reviewed range from the design-related ramifications of sensory experiences (such as colors seen and textures felt) to the consequences of individual factors (for example, personality and neurodiversity) and social ones (like the language users speak) for designed outcomes, and, perhaps most importantly, how design elements can be tackled in a coordinated way in the real world.
  • CEU: Pixels to People: Designing Across Ages and Spaces through AI
    10:00 AM CDT

    Speakers: Jenna Clements, Associate Interior Design Coordinator, Stantec Architecture & Engineering, LLC; Kelsey Ziegler, NCIDQ, CHID, EDAC, LEED Green Associate/ Associate, Medical Planner, Interior Designer, Stantec Architecture & Engineering, LLC; Sydney Strugaru, NCIDQ, Associate, Interior Designer, Stantec Architecture & Engineering, LLC; Zach Skala, Interior Design Coordinator, Stantec Architecture & Engineering, LLC
     The presentation explores the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into design processes, and its impact on creativity and efficiency. It showcases specific AI-Assisted Design tools like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Hypar and Upcodes, which streamline tasks and open new creative avenues. Additionally, it discusses the relationship between AI-Assisted Design and user experiences across different generations, addressing challenges and opportunities while advocating for a balanced integra approach. The audience is encouraged to delve deeper into AI's potential in design through exploratory questions.
  • Workshop: Hues and Harmony: An Artistic Workshop by Ultrafabrics & Pantone
    10:00 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

    Presenters: Nicole Meier, Director of Branding, Ultrafabrics; Kimberle Frost, Color and Textile Development, Ultrafabrics; Jill Seale, Founder, Jill Seale Studio; Tannese Williams, Product Manager of Fashion, Home and Interiors, Pantone
     Join Ultrafabrics & Pantone for a lively workshop on color theory and its magic in design. Learn from the experts how to master color logic and take your projects up a notch. This session mixes theory with hands-on fun, using the Japanese art of Suminagashi paper marbling.
  • CEU: Recommitting to Worker Satisfaction: Furniture in All Spaces
    1:00 PM CDT
    Speakers: Steve Kooy, Director, Health and Sustainability, BIFMA; Lauren Gant,  PhD, CPE, WELL AP Senior Workplace Advisory Manager, HNI

     This session will explain how ergonomic considerations integrate into a human-centered design process. By integrating the science of fitting furniture to the worker, designers and their clients can promote healthy workstyles that enhance safety, wellness and satisfaction in any work environment.
  • Workshop: Equity Integration Throughout the Design Process
    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT
    Presenters: Terri Howard, Director of Equity, HGA; Noah Exum, NCIDQ, IIDA, Equity Design Coordinator, HGA

     Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are not simply nouns but verbs for the built environment professional. How do we design spaces that are inclusive and take into account the diverse voices of stakeholders of spaces? This interactive workshop will provide tools and resources to help and support design practitioners to apply an equity lens at each phase of the design process.
  • CEU: Body and Mind: How Neurodiversity is Expanding Our Approach to Inclusive Design
    3:00 PM CDT
    Speakers: Amie Keener, RID, IIDA, LEED AP, Design Manager, Gensler; Meaghan Beever, DDes, LEED AP ID+C, Design Strategist, Gensler; Kirima Isler, CPABE L1, Design Strategist, Gensler (Canada)

     It is undeniable that our world is made up of people with different sizes, shapes, levels of mobility, sensory needs, variations in cognitive processing and communication styles as well as cultural backgrounds and practices. Yet, as an industry, we have only recently begun to ramp up our efforts to design for these underserved populations more meaningfully within our public and workspaces through Inclusive Design efforts.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 

  • CEU: Trends Impacting 2025 and Beyond
    10:00 AM CDT

    Speaker: Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute
     Trends Impacting 2025 and Beyond delves deep into the trends poised to reshape the built environment landscape with business and design-level insights. Leveraging the Future Today Institute’s proprietary strategic foresight methodology, this session is not just a peek into the future—it’s a strategic roadmap.
  • Workshop: Surrounding the POD: Insider Secrets of Podcasting 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    Presenter: Rob Schulte, Senior Producer, Sandow Design Group
     Surround podcasts' exclusive workshop on “Creating High-Quality Podcasts” led by Sandow Design Group Senior Producer Rob Schulte delves into the intricate world of podcast production. With over a decade of experience and work with renowned entities like Conan O'Brien and VICE Media, Rob brings insights into the art of podcasting. Attendees will embark on a comprehensive journey through podcast creation, covering critical phases such as episode pre-production, necessary documents and equipment, and post-production. The workshop features a live demonstration, walking participants through the process from initial prep to recording an interview, and culminating in the editing stage, complemented by projection visuals. An interactive Q&A session will provide attendees with personalized insights. Whether you're a design professional or a podcast enthusiast, this workshop offers an in-depth understanding of the complexities behind a successful podcast, highlighting the expertise of the Surround Network as an ideal partner for your podcasting ventures. Experience the entire journey enhanced by the latest tools and software in the industry.
  • CEU: Designing Tomorrow: Workplace Evolution at Intuit's New HQ
    12:00 PM CDT

    Speakers: Caroline Morris, Associate Principal, Clive Wilkinson Architects; Steve McCollum, AIA, IIDA, Global Design Lead, Intuit
     The presentation explores the story behind the software company Intuit's newly completed ground-up office building. The project serves as an expansion of their Mountain View Headquarters, and a progressive expression of the future of workplace design. Led by Steven McCollom, global design lead with Intuit and Caroline Morris, associate principal with Clive Wilkinson Architects, this presentation unveils the dynamic process of being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic mid-construction and rapidly embracing a new workplace strategy and design to address the emerging needs of a hybrid workforce.
  • CEU: Embracing Sustainable Interiors: A Responsible Design Legacy
    2:00 PM CDT

    Speaker: Florencia Kratsman, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP, Director of Interior Architecture, FXCollaborative Architects, LLP
     In a world where the environmental impact of our choices has never been more pronounced, it's time for enterprises to rethink their approach to interior design. The prevailing paradigm of “style” for interiors has by definition favored ephemeral trends, but in the face of climate change and dwindling resources, the need for a more sustainable and heritage-based approach is becoming increasingly evident. This paradigm shift prioritizes sustainable materials, embracing timeless designs and ultimately ensuring the longevity of our planet.
  • Workshop: ASID Mentor Exchange
    3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CDT

    Moderator: Khoi Vo, Chief Executive Officer, ASID
    Presenters: Jaclyn Moser, ASID, Partner, Harken Interiors; Janeallison Ng, ASID, NCIDQ, Interior Designer, III, Associate, Solomon, Cordwell Buenz; John Cialone, FASID, NCIDQ, Partner & Vice President, Tom Stringer Design Partners (TSDP); Shunda Harris, FASID, NCIDQ, RID, CEO, Founder and Principal Designer, Shunda Harris Interiors

     Ready to map your career path? Join ASID to discover the secrets of impactful mentorship, from gaining advice, sharing perspective and problem solving. Students and recent graduates will engage with design leaders in conversation and connections as we explore the value and impact of mentorship in the design profession. Throughout the 90-minute experience, attendees will connect with professionals in small groups, hear from expert mentors in a panel discussion and ask questions to gain strategies for navigating mentorship throughout their career.
  • CEU: Rebuilding Communities with Data-Driven Wellness Strategies
    4:00 PM CDT

    Speaker: Valerie Jardon, Strategy Director, IA Interior Architects
     The commercial building landscape is in crisis mode, with one billion square feet currently sitting empty. But our buildings were already experiencing an existential quandary even before the pandemic-induced vacancy uptick, with end users unmotivated to engage with spaces that don’t serve our needs. Aging infrastructure, stressful commutes, inflexible interiors and one-size-fits-all spaces designed for the majority are hardly wellness-inducing—nor welcoming to minority communities, from neurodivergent individuals to those affected by physical disabilities.

CEU programs and workshops are $45 per session ($40 if purchasing 5 or more). Show registration, as well as keynotes and featured presentations are complimentary. To register, head to