VALENCIA, SPAIN – Roca, a wall and floor tile designer and manufacturer, was honored with second prize for “Best Interior Design Stand” at Cevisama, which took place from February 26 to March 1, 2024 in Valencia, Spain. The booth was designed by Summumstudio, who presented a new architectural concept, Synchrony.

The ephemeral architectural space plays a pivotal role in ordering and harmonizing the tile manufacturer’s range of products, providing a striking, inspirational, well-proportioned backdrop with a soothing, balanced appearance. Its internal distribution is based on three concepts: time, place and shape, contextualized through areas that offer visitors a key insight into the tile brand’s strategy. The space acts as a manifesto or a declaration of intent, where Roca redefines and reaffirms its identity, upholding its potential and expressing itself exactly as it is. 

Roca Tiles’ wide variety of products are united in carefully coordinated style in the new space through a use of light and warmth, creating an atmosphere of well-being in which priority is given to only what is essential, relinquishing the superfluous. Synchrony conceptualizes and hierarchizes the different products, with functionality and an aesthetic balance as the main criteria, bringing the collections together in a harmonious way.  

Inspired by the beauty of the setting, Synchrony and Roca Tile embark on a journey through time, selecting elements that define the essence of the tile brand in order to create a harmonious compendium of products. Everything you see conveys the harmony, elegance and natural appeal of Roca’s revamped range of tiles.  
 Synchrony presents new collections designed to fit in with changing settings and new needs. They include innovative new formats, such as 260cm x 120cm slabs or 160cm wood-effect boards. 

The aim is to create a strong sense of connection with visitors, appealing to their emotions, arousing their curiosity and positioning the tile brand through its unique essence. It is a journey that allows Roca to tune in to its true origins and its authentic essence.