VERONA, ITALY -- In the design of products, interiors or installations, among the skills of a designer is the ability to select and enhance the materials used. Surfaces are architectural elements that serve various decorative and protective functions and are imbued with solid design value.

Over the years, technology and tools available to artisans and designers have helped create finishes with different textures and thicknesses. These finishes, applied in various functions of lithic cladding, make interior design and architectural projects increasingly personalized and unique.

The theme of "decoration" in all its aesthetic and formal languages has always been a subject of study and experimentation, as it constantly evolves following trends, fashion and the culture of each nation. Starting from these premises, ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige Delegation present the exhibition “Material Match Up - Lithic Synergies” at Marmomac – scheduled from September 25 to 28, 2023 in Verona, Italy. The idea of classic mood boards composed of diverse materials evolves into a series of material boards organized with natural stone: compositions of materials, colors, surface treatments and finishes to showcase the entire exhibition proposal at the Verona fair.

The exhibition – at The Plus Theatre (hall 10) – offers itself to the public as a journey of research and knowledge of the tools used to sculpt the surface of natural stone, including bas-relief and marble inlay techniques, with various color combinations and different texture effects. Thus, the allure of natural stone is also conveyed through small surfaces that convey creativity through technique and modernity. Distinctive and identity-driven projects of the highest aesthetic value go beyond the simple concept of cladding to meet the needs of contemporary architecture.

The exhibition is flanked by a video review of lithic materials selected from the last 10 years of the ADI Design Index and the Compasso d'Oro, the most prestigious global design award.


Concept and Coordination: Carlo Trevisani, Silvia Sandini, Marcello Cutino

Exhibition design: Carlo Trevisani

Video project: Selected marble projects in ADI Design Index 2011/2022: Luca and Nicola Facchini


ArtWork – Company – Designer

In-finito – Guardini Pietre – Patrizia Bertolini

Mise and Place – Leather Stone – Michela and Paolo Baldessari

Feeling Nature – Gruppo Tosco Marmi – Gino Carollo

Scandola – Biesse- Intermac – Paolo Criveller

Tangram – Temmer Marble – Alberto Gava

Marble between Man and Territory – Margraf – Matteo Leorato and Luigi Siard

Rosso Asiago – Cregeo – Industria marmi Friulana – Franco Poli

From Nature to Metaverse – Franchi Umberto Marmi – Alex Terzariol MMdesign

Listelli and Patterns – Pellegrini Meccanica with Decormarmi – Silvia Sandini

"Elevate" Tactile Journey between Stone and Module – Industria Marmi Friulana – Arnaldo Sela

Geometries and Colors of Porphyry – Porfidi Italia 2000 – Luigi Siard

Prun – Guardini Pietre – Carlo Trevisani

Arazzo Materico – LMA Machine with Kaleidostone – Giulia Zampieri

Toki – Agglotech – Ascanio Zocchi