VERONA, ITALY -- A major innovation will greet the audience at Marmomac: for the first time in the event's history, a work will take shape over the four days of the fair. The Applaud is a dynamic installation curated by architect Giorgio Canale, conceived to push experimentation to its highest expression and highlight the potential of natural stone. Therefore, it is not a static exhibition of a work produced in the previous weeks, but, on the contrary, The Applaud will give life to a sculpture by artist Andreas Senoner*.

Fragment – the sculpture's title – fits into the South Tyrolean artist's research on the fragment's theme in archaeology, understood as a container of stories and meanings from the past. Human history comprises traces and elements that recreate a testimony of its passage and allow those who study it to reconstruct distant events and facts. The work, made of Imperial Cameo marble, reproduces two overlapped fingers of superhuman dimensions that allude to the symbolic gesture of crossed fingers.

The Applaud is thus an installation that combines the human aspect with advanced technology to create a dynamic artistic experience. The Fragment work is created hour by hour thanks to the contribution of cutting-edge machines at the service of human hands. Below, the water resources filtering and recycling system stands tall: in line with the values of all the involved parties, sustainability remains the central focus in producing the work. The Applaud demonstrates how technology can expand and enrich human artistic expression, allowing for exploring new creative horizons and stimulating the dialogue between traditional art and the new frontiers of innovation.

The Marmomac audience will be able to see The Applaud and the evolution of Fragment at The Plus Theatre in hall 10.

The author, the exhibition curator and other distinguished guests will share their experiences reflecting on how machines may help – and perhaps replace – the artist in creating increasingly complex works.

Curator: Giorgio Canale  

Powered by: Brand & Stone

Artwork: Fragment  

Artist: Andreas Senoner  

Material: Imperial Cameo from Cereser Marmi  

Production, Machinery and CNC Solutions: Donatoni Group  

Water Treatment Solutions: Dal Prete   

Technical Partner: PolyPiù

*Andreas Senoner (Bolzano, 1982)  

He trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, the Facultad de Bellas Artes San Carlos in Valencia, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he studied sculpture and design. His sculptural research focuses on memory, heritage, and stratification. Through his sculptures, he investigates the relationship between the individual, the changing context in which they reside, and the elements that determine their change. He combines exhibition activity with research periods in artist residencies, including Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Palazzo Monti, and Skaftfell Art Center.