The Place Bike Hub is a multifunctional modernized space born from the upgrading of an old industrial building. The transformation of the interior provides the perfect location for the all-in-one café, shop, rental and factory, which sits in the heart of the city of Aosta in the Italian Alps. Characterized by a vintage style with contemporary colors, the Betonmetal and Betonbrick collections from Terratinta Ceramiche, a brand of Terratinta Group, Italy, was the perfect choice for the design of The Place Bike Hub, which in Aosta connects the past and present.

The establishment is a place entirely dedicated to the passion for cycling. In a 700-square-meter indoor space there is a café, apparel and rental shop and factory -- everything a biker needs, from equipment to assistance, including every form of comfort. The multifunctional space also houses the Aosta Valley Freeride front office, where visitors can book tours and sign up for courses. Lastly, the 2,000-square-meter outdoor green area offers private parking and recharging stations. The entire building runs on electricity and is self-powered thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof. This seemed like a logical project for Terratinta Group, as the Modena, Italy-based manufacturer shares its sustainability report and is working to obtain BCorp Certification, the global movement of companies that aims to produce social and environmental benefits.

Betonmetal's Aluminium Matte variant and Betonbrick's Black Diamond Glossy variant were selected for the design of The Place Bike Hub. Betonbrick stands out for its innovative style -- a synthesis of tradition and contemporary design -- while Betonmetal, with its shades of gray and combination of metal and concrete, bears witness to the original spirit of the building. A reminder that in nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed, and even an abandoned structure, can be reborn to be a place of sharing for the community.

Zanetti Cantieri supervised the entire project, and materials were supplied by Noli Home.