CANTON, OH -- Metropolitan Ceramics®, a manufacturer of unglazed ceramic quarry tile, has recently updated their

The new site is designed for easy navigation throughout with a clearly defined menu bar and drop-down menus.  The site includes a combination of installation photography, technical data, downloads and pertinent information about the complete Metropolitan Ceramics product line.

The site is designed in a format that fits well with both wide-screen and tablet viewing. A mobile version is also part of the design. The site features rotating installation photography on the home page highlighting various design themes.

One other feature of the site is a plant tour video (fashioned in the same vein as the popular show How It's Made) that shows the behind the scenes manufacturing of quarry tile.

The site also links to the Metropolitan Ceramics blog site which contains technical and informative posts about Metropolitan Ceramics products and tile in general.

"Ease of navigation that takes the visitor directly to the information they need is central to the design of the new site," said Ashley Miller the company's designer and creator of the new site. From environmental data to product testing to installation ideas, the new Metropolitan Ceramics site gives a complete overview of the Metropolitan Ceramics product line.