Nestled in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania, Endless Mountain Stone Co. was founded by Robert “Bob” Coleman Sr. in 1976. Through the years, Coleman bought and sold Bluestone and accumulated quarry reserves for the future. Today, the company has reserves of over 1,500 acres of the finest quarry stone.

In 1987, Coleman pioneered the sawn and thermaled Bluestone part of the industry by installing the first “automated” bridge saw in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “This move changed the industry forever and helped shape what it is today,” said Robert “Butch” Coleman, who purchased Endless Mountain Stone Co. with his wife Donna in 1997. “We gathered more reserves and equipment from polishing to tumbling for another 25 years.”

After 45 years in the industry, the Coleman’s sold all their quarry reserves and production facilities, along with the 45-year-old company to long-time friends and colleagues, Bill and Ryan Ruark, owners of Meshoppen Stone, which is also a 45-plus-year reputable Bluestone company.

“Our two companies have worked together for over 20 years on various levels,” explained Coleman. “Knowing I was planning for retirement in the years to come, I approached the Ruarks, and after much evaluation and review of many quarry reserves, we were able to come to an agreement of sale.”

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Naming Coleman a full-time quarry and new product development coordinator and joining 20 new quarries to the Meshoppen portfolio has allowed for higher production from the reserve quarries. While it may take several more years to get all the quarries working to full potential, currently more raw Bluestone rock reserves for the saw shop have improved production in the company’s year-round Bluestone production facilities in both Susquehanna and Meshoppen.

“Between Meshoppen and Endless Mountain, we have 30 quarries that we own or lease, and there are more we are adding in the years to come,” said Coleman. “Beyond that, we have another 50 quarries that are independent where we also purchase Bluestone. We have reserves for many decades to come.”

According to Coleman, some quarries are smaller, comprising two to three acres with two to four independent quarrymen. Other quarries are much larger, spanning 10 to 20 acres with eight to 10 independent quarrymen. Lastly, some quarries also have crushing involved, which marks an even larger scale.

Among the products produced by Endless Mountain are thermal Bluestone paving, natural cleft Bluestone paving, tumbled Bluestone, steps, waterjet CNC projects, colonial and tumbled wall stones, thin veneer, irregular flagstone, West Mountain product line, signage and specialty Bluestone projects, as well as building stone. The products are distributed several ways, including by networks of natural stone yards throughout the U.S., Canada and several other countries; as well as high-end commercial and institutional projects usually through specifications by architects.

Moreover, Meshoppen Stone also has its own trucking company – enabling them to deliver nationwide – as well as a pallet manufacturing facility. “Now with our new found reserves, along with our quality production crews in our quarries and stone processing plants, our companies are self-sustainable for many years to come,” said Coleman.

When asked what sets Endless Mountain apart from its competitors, Coleman said, “’Quality remains long after price is forgotten’ is a motto I came up with many years ago. So, quality, quality, quality -- along with a good service policy. My dad told me years ago, that you want people to call and complain if there is a problem. Nine out of 10 people don’t complain. They just never call back. If they call, we can try to fix the problems moving forward.”

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In September of 2022, Endless Mountain was a host company for the Natural Stone Institute Bluestone Study Tour. “Over my 45 years in the industry, my favorite part is to educate others,” said Coleman. “Having customers, clients and architects come to our facilities helps educate them of the possibilities of what can, or sometimes cannot, be done in Bluestone. They in turn can go to their clients and customers and have a bond of education with them that they didn’t have prior to visiting.”

What does the future hold for Endless Mountain? “Over my many years, I have seen a lot of changes in the industry through regulation, production, customers and product lines,” said Coleman. “I am always looking five years ahead of what’s next, and I am so glad to be a part of the Meshoppen/Endless Mountain team to continue sharing my ideas and projections. We can’t share any of them now due to competition, but I assure you and our clients that there are more good things to follow. The connecting of our two state-of-the-art companies now has created the largest Bluestone fabricator and distributor with the most quarry reserves in the Bluestone industry.”