With nearly 50 years of experience in the stone business, Vereinigte Marmorwerke (VM) Kaldorf GMBH of Titting-Kaldorf, Germany, has built a reputation as a quality producer of Jura limestone. The company owns and operates its quarries and maintains a top-notch business structure to ensure its customers receive the best possible Jura limestone products, which come from the geographical region of the Fränkische Alb. Recently, the German stone producer invested in a second marble gangsaw — manufactured by the Italian brand Barsanti Macchine and supplied by ISM Srl.

VM Kaldorf strategically set up its stone processing plant nearby to its quarries. The newly purchased gangsaw is the second TLD-80SC model to be installed at the facility. The company had its first one installed in 2010. 

According to the stone producer, the TLD-80SC gangsaw is well known worldwide for its strong and reliable frame, as well as for its elevated output of material with a high standard of accuracy. “The sawing costs are very low thanks to the low consumption of blades — due to their perfect and precise rectilinear movement — and to the few required maintenance procedures,” stated VM Kaldorf.

Another reason for the company’s investment in the second Barsanti gangsaw was because of its attention to environmental impact.  It is equipped with a more efficient security system and a special anti-corrosion waterproofing coating – protecting the frame more effectively.