The Proliner Stone Package was specially developed for the digital templating needs of the stone industry. The Proliner -- a portable, mechanical, digital templating device -- has time, and again, proven itself to be one of the most accurate, efficient and flexible digital templating tools on the market. Getting accurate digital templates quickly and easily is just half the story, however. The same benefits can be enjoyed on the computer with Prodim’s Factory software. Upgrading from Draw to Draw Advanced offers even more advantages. With Draw Advanced, visual 3D representations of measurement files can be used to make design decisions. Entering details like the thickness of stone pieces and glue to be used allows Draw Advanced to make calculations and identify potential problems. Alerts are color-coded: red if pieces are intersecting, orange if pieces are touching, and green if everything is good. The software can show how measured walls are aligned, and it provides the tools to optimize the project for production. We call this process normalization. Prodim’s Proliner Stone Package & Draw Advanced software help to eliminate costly mistakes before installment and ensure professional results can be achieved every time. Prodim’s complete digital templating solutions for the stone industry are perfect for templating everything from countertops, with or without backsplashes, to fully tiled bathrooms, and it can seamlessly connect field, office and production activities.

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