The launch of Epiroc DTH drill bits signals a new era for Down-The-Hole drilling.

Thanks to a new design and the use of the new Epiroc carbide, these drill bits improve productivity and profitability while ensuring better workdays for operators.

A quick look at the new Epiroc DTH drill bits reveals an all-new face design. This means optimized flushing and handling of drill cuttings. It’s also evident that the bits have more buttons, which increase the overall energy when drilling. Speaking of buttons, there are three different shapes to choose from to tackle different drilling needs and types of rock: Epiroc Trubbnos, spherical and ballistic buttons.

The use of the new Epiroc carbide buttons is not visible but equally important for the overall effect. Add that Epiroc DTH drill bits are produced with improved heat treatment and increased face hardness, and you get a more durable, sturdier and robust bit, with increased service life.

“If we add up the new design features and the improved materials usage, it’s safe to say that 

Epiroc DTH drill bits will last up to 20% longer compared to an older version of our drill bits,” says Fredrik Gransell, global product portfolio manager at Epiroc Rock Drilling Tools.

Such a substantial increase in productivity makes Epiroc DTH drill bits an obvious choice for customers seeking to optimize the business side of their operations.

“You can expect more drilled meters per shift from high-performing Epiroc bits, which is good for both your revenue and profitability,” adds Delaney Erickson, global product manager DTH at Epiroc Rock Drilling Tools.

Epiroc DTH drill bits benefit operators too. Longer service life means fewer interruptions and more undisturbed drilling, one of the most sought-after improvements. Put simply, with less time spent lifting and changing heavy bits, workdays will not just be more productive, they will be more convenient too. 

Finally, Epiroc DTH drill bits reduce the customers’ footprints as they can drill more and still 

use fewer bits. As a result, less energy and raw materials are used to produce bits, and there are fewer transports and less waste.

Epiroc DTH drill bits will launch globally on January 11th.