LOS ANGELES, CA --Walker Zanger, America's leading luxury brand in slab and tile, is making substantial investments in equipment and personnel at its Mexico factory – Ceramica Antique. The investment, made with the support of its parent company, Mosaic Companies, LLC, will focus on ramping production capacity. The investment, set to happen in two phases between 2022 and 2023, will increase the factory output, improve overall product quality, and reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the factory. In the process, this will create better living conditions for several families in the community of Guanajuato, Mexico. The first phase will increase the current production capacity by 77% and create 32 new positions in production, quality control and logistics – an increase of 25% in the labor force. The factory, part of the Walker Zanger group since 2008, has been a critical focus for the organization since Mosaic Companies acquired the brand in early 2021. The newly approved investment reinforces the brand's commitment to bringing high-quality designs with an artistic soul and world-class quality to the slab and tile industry. From Ceramica Antique's production lines, Walker Zanger's design and manufacturing team bring to life some of the brand's most iconic lines like Andalucia - a red clay body ceramic tile featuring dimensional glazed terra cotta tile with a sophisticated antique patina in shades of blue, green and white. Another example can be found in 6th Ave, a white body ceramic tile collection with a wide selection of field tile shapes, molding and mosaic fields, from floor ready hexagons to modern, organic inspired shapes. On the year that Walker Zanger celebrates its 70th anniversary, such a significant investment helps to consolidate the brand as the most beloved luxury tile brand in the industry, highlighting its responsibility with a sustainable future and its long-term passion for bringing high design to a broader audience.