LAS VEGAS - Stone industry members were happy to meet once again at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, to attend StonExpo, which is a component of The International Surface Event (TISE). Keeping with tradition, Stone World honored its Fabricator of the Year at a presentation held on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 in the Natural Stone Pavilion. The 2021 recipient is Joe Duszka of Carolina Custom Surfaces in Greensboro, NC.

The Stone World Fabricator of the Year Award is a long-time tradition, which began when Jim Stengel of Dakota Granite Co. was honored in 1988. Criteria for the award includes:

  • Cooperation in sharing technology with the industry.
  • Willingness to pioneer in the use of new technology.
  • Fostering educational programs for the training of stoneworkers in industry methods.
  • Promoting technological progress through association work.

Duszka was among seven nominees for the award. Voting was open to all industry members through Stone World’s website. Look for more on Stone World’s 2021 Fabricator of the Year to come soon.

Nomination for Joe

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Joe Duszka, of Carolina Custom Surfaces for the “Fabricator of the Year.” Joe has done a remarkable job of sharing information that will help advance the industry. It is an honor to nominate a fabrication shop that strives for continuous improvement internally and externally, while exemplifying the ideals of quality, innovation, character and service excellence.

Carolina Custom Surfaces is a family owned and operated company. The legacy of Carolina Custom Surfaces is in its commitment to superior quality through custom fabrication. CCS works hard to provide highly regarded products and service. Using innovative technology, custom-made countertop surfaces are fabricated within the company’s 40,000-square-foot facility. The doors opened in 1995, and in 2005, Joe and Deborah Duszka purchased CCS as they entered the stone industry.

Carolina Custom Surfaces has transformed from a manual shop to the fully automated digital shop. In 2006, it purchased its first piece of stoneworking equipment. The following year, it began digital templating. In 2013, as CCS emerged from the recession, stone became the largest part of its business. It went completely digital in 2017 with Park Industries CNC sawjets and CNC routers.

In 2020, CCS doubled its capacity and optimized its shop for the latest materials trends by adding the following machines: a SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet, TITAN 3800 CNC Router, FASTBACK II Edge Polisher and HydroClear 220 Pro Water System.

The mission of CCS is to be the best surfaces company by providing the greatest value and service to its customers, both internal and external. CCS does not lose sight of the impact of a personal touch. Joe Duszka, president of CCS, continues to seek out ways to grow relationships with key accounts and find new ways to add value for them. Customers are offered tips and lists on countertop selection, proper countertop care and other relevant topics to allow customers to gain knowledge prior to beginning the buying process.

CCS devotes its time and energy to ensuring customers have the best experience possible. The customer service at CCS begins when the customer walks in the door, and never stops through every stage in the process. The company works as a team to make each of its customers feel as if they are the only project being worked on, delivering accurate, on-time projects with strong customer service every day.

CCS’s loyal commitment to its customers begins internally. The company runs a business model that encourages employees to work hard and strive for advancing their career with CCS. Joe Duszka has created a work environment where employees are rewarded through advancement and continuous self-development. With a belief that the 50+ employees should continue growing in their careers, CCS invests in training opportunities such as attending and presenting at Park Industries® Digital Stoneworking Expos, continuous CNC programming and machine training, participating in ISFA CEO roundtable events, attending TISE and vendor supplied training – to list a few.

In 2018, CCS launched a 401K plan, its first CCS 100 Class and officially introduced “The CCS Way.” “The CCS Way” has been developed and implemented as a work culture that employees live by to ensure the team is the best it can be. Employees take a culture-fit test and Joe personally interviews each candidate to determine if they fit “the CCS Way” before hiring a new employee. CCS encourages others to emulate its business model because it will improve the overall value of the industry in the communities they serve. To further encourage communication within the industry, Joe serves on the ISFA Board of Directors where he will soon be president. He also participates in the Rockheads Group and Park Business Group where he shares best practices with other fabricators across the country.

CCS is committed to innovative processes and green products that contribute to an eco-friendly manufacturing process, as well as a holistic lifestyle that is smart, elegant and responsible. The company offers a large selection of green products with a few material options that are 100% free of harmful plastics, toxic resins and VOCs. This, coupled with the recycling process CCS uses to remove industrial waste from the general waste stream with their water treatment system, elevates CCS to the top of its eco-friendly game. CCS continually seeks ways to improve and implement advanced technologies into its process.

CCS has flourished into a true leader in stone fabrication and an innovator in the stone industry. Joe strives to set an example of hard work, determination and perseverance for his family and work family. CCS is thriving with his leadership and passion for high-quality work and exceptional service.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this nomination for the 2021 Fabricator of the Year Award. CCS is an exemplary fabrication shop that demonstrates a strong dedication to encouraging fresh innovative solutions in the decorative surfacing industry and providing informative tools to customers of the fabrication industry.

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2019 — James Donaire, Perfection Connection

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