WATSONVILLE, CA -- As its name suggests, Island Stone’s Palms tiles mirror the intricacy of palm leaves, with a fluid wedge shape that merges organic and geometric elements into a mesmerizing design. The pattern created by the tiles’ alternating placement, with narrow ends and adjacent wider ends, creates a visual undulating effect, reminiscent of tropical fronds gently swaying in the breeze.

Island Stone has added three new colors to the collection: Glacier Gloss, a grayscale-like hue whose range from light to dark gray adds further movement to the tiles; Lagoon Matte, a modern, sophisticated emerald tone; and Midnight Matte, a deep, rich navy blue.

“Palms delivers the peaceful calm of a coastal vibe, but with a sleek, modern sensibility that elevates the space into something truly elegant,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone. “Combine the tiles with a palette of soothing, muted hues for visual effect to create the ultimate sophisticated escape.”

The tiles are available in 15 other matte and gloss colors highlighting mellow versions of traditional tropical hues, ranging from seafoam-like Azure Matte and Spring Matte to soft blue Oceania Matte to the grays and tans of Tule Matte and Smoke Gloss.

The Palms tiles can be used for a range of kitchen, bath and exterior applications, including backsplashes, countertops, fireplace walls and floors, shower walls and floors, and exterior walls.