NEW YORK, NY -- The Desert Wildflowers Collection of ceramic tiles is a collaboration between Country Floors and Julia Buckingham. A noted American interior designer and author whose eponymous studio is based in Chicago, Julia resides and designs for part of each year in Arizona. There, she found inspiration for the tile in the desert flora of the southwestern U.S. The 6-inch square tiles are modern, abstract watercolor interpretations of blooms found on wildflowers native to the Great Plains and desert southwest. In nature, the fragile, fleeting beauty and vibrant colors of these blooms often appear in striking contrast to the backdrop of their neutral, arid and roughly textured habitat. This is reflected in the movement and layering of the glaze colors across the tile. Each of the five tile colors is named after a real wildflower species that inspired it. Julia envisions that the watery tones and bold movement of this tile would be complemented in an interior scheme by neutral material adjacencies that call for such a modern-art sculpted color infusion. These might include limestone, terracotta, marble, stainless steel, aged brass or wood. Desert Wildflowers tiles are made of glazed ceramic suitable for all vertical interior applications including wet areas. They are offered in Country Floors showrooms and dealers nationwide. For more information, visit