Quantra has developed proprietary technology, Quantra Cast Technology, which ensures that rock formed millions of years ago is casted in durable and beautiful products like sinks and basins utilizing up to 93% raw quartz material. Some of the key features of Quantra’s molded sinks and basins are:

  • Made of up to 93% high purity quartz
  • MOH Hardness of 7 -- rock solid and extremely durable
  • Available in 30+ designs in exotic natural stone looks -- can be coordinated well with many countertops/vanity tops
  • Scratch, stain, chip and thermal-shock resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hygienic and food-safe
  • Highly sustainable -- repolishable and repairable and doesn’t end up as landfill

According to Quantra, its new quartz sinks and basins are not manufactured with injection molding technology, which can lead to many inherent limitations, including high syrup/resin formulation as high as 50%; more filler/powder and less solid grains; highly uneven distribution and compaction of particles; and only monochromatic and basic looks due to technology limitation.