The LT-2D3D Laser Templator is one of the easiest to use, fastest and least expensive laser templators on the market when you consider it as a complete package, according to manufacturer Laser Products Industries. It will instantly capture and draw the measurements taken in the company’s software. This leaves you with a completed drawing, including offsets, overhangs, radii and backsplashes — without needing to learn CAD. The LT-2D3D can capture measurements as close as 2 inches and as far away as 325 feet, while still carrying the tightest tolerance on the market of ± 1mm, reports Laser Products Industries. It can also measure any point in a complete 360-degree sphere. A total of 98% of all parts are built and assembled in the U.S. by American workers.

The Laser Templator software does not use confusing CAD symbols to create and modify your drawings. This makes it easy enough for anyone who speaks one of the top 13 languages in the world to use. This also helps to save companies that are CAD capable thousands per year in time savings, allowing the templator to finish jobs. It creates completed DXF/DWG/ORD files that are ready for fabrication in both 2D and 3D (whichever the users prefers) and integrates with Moraware’s JobTracker and Cabinet Vision seamlessly. Software updates are free, for life, and don’t include any maintenance fees or residuals.

When you purchase your LT-2D3D Laser Templator, Laser Products Industries provides free on-site training so you don’t need to incur the cost to travel to the company to learn the system

Along with everything mention above, Laser Products Industries also offers free support for the life of the product as well.