GoClips are designed to help relieve the pain of one of the biggest headaches in the industry — mounting sinks. People are still looking for an alternative to the current methods and products that are time consuming, complicated, hazardous, expensive, unreliable and/or unprofessional. GoClips are new slot-based anchoring clips for undermount sinks that combine the ease of use and versatility of other similar products. The only tools needed are the ones you already have — a grinder and a 4- to 6-inch turbo blade. Simply drop the blade ½-inch deep into the stone and make it just wide enough for the down tab of GoClips.

According to the manufacturer, there are no butterfly cuts, waiting for epoxy to dry, drilling holes by hand, cutting t-31 slots or fidgeting with multiple parts and pieces. The time savings alone makes GoClips an economical sink anchoring method, reports its manufacturer.

GoClips are also designed to engage even before you tighten the screws. The attached spring clip is removable and extra strong and will lock GoClips in place, even when upside down. You can insert one into a slot and actually let go for true hands-free installation, according to GoClips.

The product is specially sized to accommodate sink rims up to ¾-inch, and can be used on sinks any size up to that thickness. A low-clearance version of GoClips is in production that can be used in tight spaces or near obstructions such as plumbing.

GoClips are available now at distributors across the U.S. and Canada.