The NEXT 3-axis CNC router, available from Amastone, incorporates engineering features exclusive to high-end machinery in a small (useful size: 1000 x 15000 Z260mm), professional, reliable, safe machine to cut marble and granite. Its precision ball-screw actuator and high-torque step motors are governed by the powerful and extremely versatile OSAI Open-Xs control supporting advanced interpolation to impart smooth motion at high speed — minimizing mechanical stress on the well-protected components. Air and water flow are monitored continuously, stopping automatically to inform the operator whenever intervention is necessary. Features of the NEXT 3-axis CNC router include:

• Runs standard G-Code and is therefore compatible with the stone industry’s leading CAD/CAM software (Alphacam and Vectric Aspire).

• Provides flatness correction (i.e. to write with equal-depth grooving on irregular stone surfaces.

• Provides Smart Feed Control, automatically adjusting feed rate so as to keep spindle load within an acceptable range in case of operational glitches (unusually hard material, broken tools, excessive plunge from programming error – with Alphacam only.)

The NEXT 3-axis CNC router, which has a spindle power of 2.2Kw or 4K2, is ideal for the following applications:

• Engraving, bass relief, roughing, carving

• Cemeterial, funeral, sacred art

• High-end stone furnishings

• 3-D work in general.