Florim publishes the twelfth edition of its “Sustainability Report”. The document, first issued at a time when corporate social responsibility was a much less familiar concept than today, provides a transparent, concise description of the company’s results in economic, social and environmental terms and announces the goals planned for the year future.

Florim’s actions during the last year, summarised in the Report, confirm that its corporate strategy is built around two drivers as important as they are inseparable: innovation and sustainability.

“As I write these words, the signs of the emergency we have had to face, the dramatic effects of which, in health, social and economic terms, are going to have worldwide repercussions, are still clear for all to see,” Chairman Claudio Lucchese underlines in his letter to stakeholders.

“Our company has striven to mitigate its consequences, first and foremost by adopting the appropriate measures to safeguard the health of its employees, and at the same time launching major initiatives to support the community. On this head, I must inform you that Florim has been transformed into a Benefit Corporation, to render its social and community commitment even more incisive now and in the future; the meaning of this important change is discussed in the Report. Although aware of the gravity of the impacts the current situation will have on the economy and the ceramics industry, I am confident that the Florim Group is, and will be, capable of responding to the present and future with serenity and intelligence, continuing to play a leading role thanks to the professionalism and commitment of its staff, to whom I extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks.”

From the economic point of view, the report reveals that the Group has invested over 300 million Euro in the last 5 years, 40 of these in 2019 alone. Moreover, in the last 8 years, over 45 million euro has been invested “in green projects” to make the business more and more sustainable and reduce environmental impact.

The specific section on this topic describes the impressive results achieved: 100% production wastewater recycling, 100% greenware waste recycling and, in optimal conditions, in-house generation of 100% of the electricity consumed by all the Italian plants. Not to mention the large number of product and process certifications obtained in the last few years.

The social responsibility section highlights a strong focus on corporate welfare and employees’ health, expressed in specific projects, and an ever-growing commitment to the local community through the Fondazione Ing. Giovanni Lucchese.