KNOXVILLE--Braxton-Bragg answers the customer call for more presence in Texas by expanding its van fleet and hiring experienced sales consultant Al Alvarez to service the San Antonio, Austin and Dallas markets. Alvarez, a United States Army veteran, has nearly 20 years of successful sales experience, including eight years at Makita, making him familiar with Braxton-Bragg’s customer base.  

“I know that shop guys love the van, because they don’t have to wait to get the tools they need, and can get them on the spot,” said Alvarez. “When you have to go through a few steps and wait for product, it can slow you down. I can’t wait to help them out with van service to their door and start making Braxton-Bragg conversions in my territory.” 

Braxton-Bragg plans to have Alvarez visiting Texas customers in April.