KNOXVILLE, TN --Braxton-Bragg has hit the road with Viper Van, a mobile sales van, offering local Tennessee stone fabrication shops immediate access to both exclusive and national brands of blades, pads and tooling, including the company’s own Viper brand. 

“We are reviving the mobile sales program that we ended six years ago because of customer demand,” says Bill Hickey, vice president of business development.  “Even in this highly technological world, people are requesting face-to-face time. Our initial stab at this three months ago was an SUV, packed with tools, to gauge the response. We quickly had to transition to a Mercedes Metris, fully-outfitted with shelving and displays to hold the necessary inventory.” 

“Our customers from Knoxville to Chattanooga to Nashville, have responded with much enthusiasm to the van, coming out like we are driving an ice cream truck and ordering each time,” adds Todd Chapman, Braxton-Bragg Viper Van sales representative. “We’ve been on the road three weeks with the van and have added several new customers so far. As we visit, we tailor our inventory to meet customer needs. This hands-on approach is already providing a more personal relationship with our customers, as well as giving them the opportunity to touch and feel the products, rather than looking at a website or catalog, and best of all, they can purchase immediately.”