Dallas, TX – Daltile’s Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tile is proud to be recognized as one of the This Old House’s Top 20 Building Materials of the Year.  Curated by This Old House magazine’s editors after months of research, review, testing, and input from industry pros, The TOH Top 20 Building Materials of the Year list continues the brand’s tradition of crowning the freshest, game-changing products of the year for construction and remodeling projects. Daltile’s new Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tile was #1 on the latest list.

As Seen In This Old House Magazine

This year’s list was revealed in the July/August issue of This Old House magazine and online at www.thisoldhouse.com/top20.  Daltile’s new Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tile was #1 on the list, with This Old House magazine providing the following commentary, “Daltile - Porcelain, known for its great durability and resistance to fading and moisture, is now going on roofs. The 9mm- and 12mm-thick tiles, which resemble slate, clay, or wood-shingle roofing, can be used anywhere in the country, have a lifetime warranty, and should last for at least 75 years.  From $3 per square foot; Daltile.”

Daltile’s Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tile

“At Daltile, we are bringing the innovation of porcelain roofing tile to market,” said Doug Pedersen, national director of roofing sales for Daltile. “Porcelain roofing tile will be a game-changer for the specialty roofing products segment — destined to soon outsell the current slate, clay, concrete, and metal roofing options.” 

 “Daltile’s Perennial provides the ultimate roofing solution for contractors, builders, interior designers, architects, and homeowners who are seeking beauty, durability, and ease of installation in their roofing tiles, at a very competitive price,” said Pedersen. “Available in six colors and designs, the new line realistically replicates the look of slate, timber, and clay, but provides the strength of porcelain tile.”

Benefits Of Daltile’s Porcelain Roofing Tiles

Why is Daltile porcelain the ideal roofing material for new builds or remodeled homes? “Daltile’s line of porcelain roofing tiles is unique in the market, because it directly competes against slate and other high-end materials by providing the same look at a lower price point,” said Pedersen. “As the undisputed leader in the tile industry, Daltile utilizes it’s patented, cutting-edge digital printing process, Reveal Imaging, to produce Perennial’s tile designs. Our revolutionary digital printing technology creates colors, designs, and nuance details that are so realistic, it is difficult to tell the difference between the natural materials we are trying to emulate and the porcelain roofing tiles that we have produced.”

“A roof should be more than just a protector of the home,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of marketing for Daltile. “The right roof enhances the beauty and luxury of the home’s curb appeal as well as the home’s market value. As the expert in tile, the Daltile brand has the design expertise and technical ability to give homeowners, designers, architects, builders, and contractors the hottest, most popular colors and designs in roofing tiles.”

“The exceptional durability of porcelain tile is another important advantage of our new product,” said Pedersen. “Porcelain tile is tough. Its innate durability will resist decades of weather and outdoor elements. Porcelain tile is also fade proof, stainproof, scratchproof, waterproof, and fire resistant. Once installed, a porcelain tile roof can last two or three times as long as one covered with asphalt roofing shingles. Our new Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tiles come with a lifetime warranty.”

Made in the USA, Daltile’s Perennial tiles offer all of the inherent advantages of porcelain tile:  resiliency, longevity, resistance to frost, high breaking strength, imperviousness to water, 110 mph wind rating, Class A fire rating (fire resistant), Class IV hail impact rating, and walkability. 

Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tiles are straight forward to install — simpler than slate, clay, and some metal roof systems. Installation of Perennial takes about the same time and effort as concrete tiles do. Perennial is simply nailed to the deck using traditional roofing installation methods. The low overall weight of Daltile’s Perennial Porcelain Roof System also adds to the speed of installation.    

“Daltile’s new Perennial Porcelain Roofing Tiles are significantly less expensive than most slate, clay, synthetic/polymer shingles, and metal tiles,” concluded Pedersen. “Perennial prices are in line with concrete roof tiles and Class IV asphalt shingles.”

Perennial’s Product Collections

For those looking for a sophisticated visual, the Opulent Slate Collection fulfills every need. With three stylish options including Antique Slate, Onyx Slate, and Impressionist Grey, this series delivers a wide array of solutions to transform every homeowner’s dream roof into a reality. The high-variation color in Antique Slate makes this tile a standout in exterior settings, while the deep-toned porcelain of Onyx Slate emulates some of the finest material in the market. Impressionist Grey completes the series, with a smooth grey slate design that fits any color scheme.

The Lavish Clay Collection takes a modern twist on the look of authentic adobe. The traditional vibrant color and rustic texture provides homeowners with a unique alternative to classic shingles. Crafted with cutting-edge technology to ensure excellent durability and minimal maintenance, this terracotta-look roof tile is suitable for most climates. Additionally, the Lavish Clay Collection has a lower weight compared to similar products, making installation simpler and the product better for the environment.

Fusing the benefits of porcelain tile with the look of wooden shingles, the Classic Timber Collection provides the aesthetic of wood’s rich colors and natural graining without sacrificing performance. Available in two elegant varieties, the porcelain tiles of Mystic Timber offer a rich wood color and depth of grain while Nordic Timber is a light brown shake-inspired wood design with grey overtones, making it the perfect complement to any façade.