Braxton-Bragg has been named the preferred national supplier for Emmedue Marble & Granite Machinery, and is one of only two suppliers in the United States. Emmedue will be exhibiting its 5 Axis bridge saw inside the Braxton-Bragg Coverings booth 488, in Orlando April 9-12, launching this new partnership.

“This is a special show for both Braxton-Bragg and Emmedue to announce our partnership, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, and they just celebrated theirs.” said Rick Stimac, Braxton-Bragg CEO. “As we continue to build our breadth of products, the addition of this capital equipment will allow us to offer fabricators a one-stop-shop.”

“Partnering with Braxton-Bragg gives us our largest American footprint for sales of our large equipment,” said Christian Montanari, Emmedue General Manager. “This agreement gives Emmedue a national platform to reach more customers, with a likeminded company who values customer service as much as we do.”

Additional products on display at Coverings include Braxton-Bragg’s material handling line, and both national and exclusive brands of blades, core bits, CNC and accessories.