Bloomington, Ind. -- Indiana Limestone Company (ILCO), a leading supplier of natural limestone building products and largest limestone quarrier in the U.S., has received ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone Certification for its three quarries. This accreditation helps architects and builders who specify ILCO materials ensure the stone for their buildings is produced in an economic, environmental and socially responsible manner. 

Developed by the Natural Stone Council (NSC) and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the rigorous and voluntary standard establishes criteria to determine the degree to which natural dimension stone is extracted and manufactured sustainably. ILCO’s three operating quarries in Central Indiana, all received silver certification.

This certification clears the path for fabricators of ILCO materials to certify their operations as well, and deliver a 100 percent certified finished product, thereby helping building designers meet industry standards for green building, such as LEED® v4 and The Living Building Challenge.

“Indiana Limestone Company has a long-time commitment to producing materials in a manner that is environmentally responsible, and this recognition only reinforces the long-standing position that our operations, partners and products should all be held to a level of good environmental stewardship,” said Tom Quigley, CEO of ILCO. “I’m proud of the teams at our quarries that moved this forward and helped us achieve ANSI/NSC 373 certification.” 

The ANSI/NSC 373 standard evaluates nine elements of a quarrier and fabricator’s operations, including: water usage and recycling, custody and transportation, site management, land reclamation and adaptive use, corporate governance, energy usage and conservation, management of excess process materials and waste, safer chemical and material management, worker health and safety considerations, as well as optional innovation credits.

ILCO’s dedication to sustainable practices is part of a larger corporate commitment driven at all levels of the organization. In late 2018, ILCO became part of the Polycor Inc. brand portfolio. Polycor Inc. is the largest natural stone quarrier in the world and owns over 50 quarries and 17 manufacturing plants across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Like ILCO, Polycor is steadfast in its dedication to continually working towards developing greener building practices as demonstrated by its Cambrian Black Quarry in Quebec receiving ANSI/NSC 373 gold certification.   

“We are committed as ever to working with architects, contractors, and building owners to build a sustainable future. Receiving ANSI/NSC 373 certification provides construction professionals with a high level of transparency regarding the environmental impacts of our products and materials,” said Patrick Perus, president and CEO of Polycor Inc.

As part of Polycor’s long-term sustainable strategy, the company will work to get more quarries ANSI/NSC 373 certified over the next several years throughout North America.