With a project signed by Studio Denise Zuba in partnership with Marmoraria Alvorada, the winning space Refúgio Veredas Cinex, bet on references from Minas Gerais, Portugal, and Brasília to present a new concept of home that pretends to be a search for the rescue of memories and roots. The quartzite Olympus gained contemporaneousness to the environment, having its application throughout the floor.

In 2019, the natural stone remains on the scene and will be featured at Cajugram booth during the International Marble and Granite Fair in Grande Vitória. Visitors will be able to check all their charm on the floor, which will gain application of the material.

In the market of ornamental stones since 1990, the company offers more than 140 types of natural stone, among marbles, granites, onyx, quartz, and industrialized marbles.