Bonstone’s new Ultimate adhesive is the strongest bonding glue available specifically for travertine. It is pre-tinted and offers the best color available for an out-of-the-can match for most mid-tone travertines. Ultimate is a Modified Polyurethane Hybrid (MPH) that is ideal for fabrication shops, onsite installation, restoration and repair, and it is suitable for structural and cosmetic applications. It is offered in standard buff and gray colors, and shave or sand the patch within 20 to 30 minutes. Ultimate will not fade or degrade in exterior or other demanding conditions, and it has “no odor” and is VOC free for interior applications, including patching travertine floors; anchoring; bonding mitered corners, stone returns, liner blocks, stone to concrete, stone to metal large structural assemblies; laminating limestone; and repairing sculptures and monuments. 

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