FILA has chosen Total Solutions Plus as the ideal event to preview the new packaging for its Professional Line, designed with construction and installation professionals in mind, in stride with their ever evolving needs. 

The new look envelops the historically effective FILA products, whose performance is proven by years of in-depth research and development. Keeping its finger on the pulse of the tile and stone industry, the new packaging and graphic design are a direct response to the needs of FILA clients and end users. FILA products are now easy to point out on the shelf, quick to answer the immediate demands of professionals. Intuitive and visually clear, the contemporary labels speak straight to the customer. For example, cleaner labels are organized in a chromatic scale that visually communicates the pH of the product. Additionally, all containers, both jugs and spray bottles, will be colored metallic charcoal gray – professional and recognizable. In particular, the spray bottle has been modified to follow practical requirements. The result is a compact, ergonomic, easy-to-handle bottle that simplifies and speeds up everyday applications.


However, FILA’s receptiveness to its clients is not only manifest through continuous research and complete worldwide assistance. The company has long been committed to creating product formulas in line with the latest environmental regulations, respecting the health of the end user and promoting a Green Action program which materializes its regard for the planet.

The Green Action program is a series of “green initiatives” which involve all production sectors. FILA is devoted to developing VOC free products and concentrated formulas which allow the use of smaller product quantities while maintaining elevated performance and coverage rates among the highest in the industry. Moreover, the entire electrical consumption of FILA’s headquarters is covered by the renewable energy of photovoltaic panels.