Located in Mid-City New Orleans, LA, a family wanted to convert the outdoor area in the back of their home into a secluded oasis. To complement the backyard pool and hot tub, the homeowners also had put in a new entertainment area, a TV room and outdoor kitchen. “[The goal of this project was] to completely reimagine the backyard and pool,” said Marc Robert, founder of Design Office in New Orleans, LA. “The concept worked with vertical layering to increase the usable square footage of the yard. The tile allowed for a seamless transition from interior to exterior at the ground level.”

The project used Due2 Epokal HEK 201 & EK 1 tile from Del Conca USA in Loudon, TN. “The shape, texture and color were important to match the surrounding materials, as well as the availability of an exterior and interior version of the same tile,” said Robert.

The project used roughly 2,000 square feet of 16- x 32-inch tile. The tile was used for the pool coping, exterior hardscaping and interior kitchen flooring. The most challenging part of it was the exterior tile was employed as part of the drainage system. “This involved using the Due2 pedestal system and spacing the tile so that water could penetrate the joints,” said Robert. “Working with installers to ensure the open tile joints matched the width of the grouted joints on the interior was extremely challenging.”

According to Kendall Litton, the marketing and social media specialist for Del Conca USA, the exterior space turned out beautifully and the Del Conca Group was proud to be the preferred choice for exterior pavers. “Our Due2 Epokal complemented this outdoor pool area and in our opinion, contributed greatly to the overall aesthetic,” said Litton. “With a space such as this, it is important to utilize as many unique design elements as possible and we believe this was accomplished for this project.” 

The entire process of the project took six months and the response has been amazing, according to Robert. “The house has been referred to as ‘Mid-City Utopia’ in local newspapers,” said Robert.