In response to the string of catastrophic events which have impacted the people living in and around the Caribbean basin, QEP Associates across the world have come together to make a meaningful difference for those impacted.

“The initial corporate response was straightforward,” said Len Gould, president of QEP. “We quickly identified the tools that would be most useful in the aftermaths of the hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico. What was particularly inspiring was seeing the donations pour in from QEP offices across the globe. Furthermore, our long standing vendor partners stepped up as well, donating additional cash and product.”

The company shipped two full tractor-trailers of a variety of professional tools to customer partners. Additionally, $30,000 was raised by associates representing QEP from locations in the U.S., Canada, China, UK, France, New Zealand, and Australia.

100% of all monetary donations were distributed among established charities in Puerto Rico and The Florida Keys, including Hogar de Ninas de Cupey, a home for young girls who have fallen victim to abuse, Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, a food bank in Puerto Rico, and The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter.

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