Baca Systems recently held a fabrication seminar hosted by Premier Surfaces. The companies collaborated to change the way people think about the fabrication process. The seminar was to educate stone fabricators on the benefits of owning a Robot SawJet and how digital measurement and robotics are transforming the stone industry. Baca Systems launched its Robo SawJet in 2014, creating a reliable, high-production dual-table cutting system that yields up to a 70% reduction in labor costs and 20% material optimization.

The one-day seminar provided tips on how to reduce labor, increase productivity and material yield, and save on tooling. Chuck Russo, owner of Baca Systems and a 30-year veteran in the robotics and stone industry, was the seminar's headline presenter. Russo discussed how robotics are changing the manufacturing world and how the evolution of the fabrication process can decrease business costs and maximize revenue.

Along with Russo, several other presenters contributed toward the educational content of the seminar in topics related to measurement, templating, installation, and cutting. In addition to these stone manufacturing topics, digital fabrication seminars covered marketing strategies and financing techniques as well as digital templating best practices.

"Our goal with the Baca digital fabrication seminars is to provide stone fabricators with all of the tools needed to move their business forward in all aspects of their overall business, not just fabrication," said Russo. "We aim to provide an all-inclusive learning experience that helps them formulate a plan to grow their operation; part of our discussion is around the 'Baca secret-sauce,' which has been proven effective for many businesses across North America."

Baca Systems held its first seminar in Seattle and plans to hold two more in 2017 and continue to different markets in 2018. Following the seminar at Premier Surfaces, another was held in Atlanta.

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