ORION TOWNSHIP, MI and ADDISON, IL -- BACA Systems, a leading provider of fabrication and manufacturing solutions, is hosting a Fabrication Seminar on June 22, 2023, at The Countertop Factory Midwest facility in Addison, IL, just outside of Chicago. The event will offer live demonstrations of the company's latest equipment and bring together industry experts who will share their knowledge and insights on fabrication. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the latest industry trends, network with peers and experts, and gain valuable insights into improving productivity and profitability. The seminar will feature presentations on the latest advancements in the industry and offer practical tips on how to maximize productivity and profitability. In addition, BACA Systems will showcase its state-of-the-art machinery, demonstrating its capabilities and how it can help businesses achieve better results, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Live demonstrations will include: 

  • Robo SawJet – Robotic SawJet 
  • Miter X – Dedicated Miter Saw


Presentations will include:

  • Robo SawJet M Series – Robotic SawJet with Mitering Capability
  • BBM Paladin – CNC Router
  • Straight 8 – Line Polisher
  • PURE – Water Filtration Systems
  • Tite-Rack – Semi-Automatic and Automatic Storage Systems 
  • Auto Cut Line - Automated Fabrication Line
  • SpeedLabel – Software for Labeling & Tracking Parts
  • No Lift Install System – Installation Carts
  • E-Template – Laser Digital Measuring System
  • ISFA - The International Surface Fabricators Association


"We are thrilled to host this seminar and provide a platform for professionals to come together and learn about the latest trends in fabrication," said Chuck Russo, CEO of BACA Systems. "Our goal is to empower attendees with the knowledge they need to improve their processes and drive innovation in their businesses."

By attending the seminar, participants can expect to gain numerous benefits, including insights into the latest industry trends and advancements from industry experts; the chance to network with peers and experts in the field; gain valuable insights into how to improve fabrication processes and increase productivity and profitability; and learn about the latest equipment and how it can benefit their businesses. To register for the upcoming seminars, visit https://www.bacasystems.com/events/. For more information about the Fabrication Seminar, please contact BACA Systems at info@bacasystems.com or call +1 (855) 847-7330.