In response to the growing trend for large-format thin tiles, Fila will be focusing on the correct care program for these surfaces at Cersaie 2017. Products and innovations in the spotlight will include deep cleaners, epoxy removers, sealers, and cleaners from Fila’s Green Line.

The showcased products provide a complete maintenance program for large format thin porcelain and ceramic tiles and planks, ensuring a clean initial installation and easy ongoing maintenance. For post-installation cleaning and maintenance, Deterdek, FilaPS87 and FilaPS87 Gel will be presented. Deterdek—an odor-free acid solution, free of hydrochloric acid—removes cementitious deposits, building-site dirt, and rust marks without eroding grout joints or adjacent surfaces. In large format installations, it can be used on the back of a tile to clean the surface and ensure a good adhesive bond. FilaPS87 can be used at different dilutions to remove organic dirt, stubborn stains, and wax. FilaPS87 Gel removes new and consolidated epoxy residues.

For ongoing maintenance, FilaCleaner can be used diluted for a no-rinse clean. The concentrated cleaner leaves no residue and does not contain a “maintainer,” which can attract dirt and make ongoing maintenance difficult. The concentrated formulation can also be used at a lower dilution for deep cleaning. Dirty grout joints, in both wall and floor tile installations, can be tackled with GroutProof.

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