The Rockhead Group announced plans for expansion in the North American market over the next three years. Rockhead have recently undergone changes in leadership and strategic marketing plans to help grow membership and bring more group benefits to all its independent-company member body. There are currently 50 member companies with individual revenue of over $10 million per year.

As part of the leadership changes, Jon Kaplan, a managing owner of the group, has assumed the position of managing director to further develop vendor and industry relations. Brian Lynch, formerly from Cosentino North America, has also joined Rockhead as its senior vice president of member relations and will support the activities of the group with a focus on increasing membership in an effort to bring greater value to the group at large.

“We are at a critical point for our group where we have to make changes to prepare for the continued growth and support of our existing members and vendor programs,” said Kaplan. “All of our efforts thus far have been of tremendous success in driving value for our members and our goal is to diversify member benefits as well as coverage in North America.”

In addition to its internal leadership changes, the Rockhead Group plans to update its marketing strategy, and has partnered with Marqet Group to proactively develop campaigns, programs, and branding that support its vendor relationships and member benefits.

Rockhead holds monthly meetings with its members that focus on business intelligence programs for member companies. It also offers its members benefits on general business services and extended manufacturer rebates that contribute to each member’s bottom line.

“Our aim is to create the utmost value for all of our members while strategically growing our member base,” Kaplan added. “We are at an all-time high in our industry and our goal is to carry on this momentum with our new marketing strategies and collaboration programs.”

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