BETHANY, CT -- Laticrete co-founder and wife of the late Dr. Henry M. Rothberg, Lillian Rosenstock Rothberg, passed away on November 27, 2016. Throughout her impressive life, Rothberg remained the bedrock upon which the Rothberg family legacy was built and the inspiration for the values instilled in the family-owned company. She was 91 years old. Rothberg co-founded Laticrete with her late husband in 1956. While overseeing office and administrative functions in support of her husband’s efforts to champion superior tile and stone adhesives, she also maintained a home and ensured the successful upbringing of their seven children. Together, and lovingly, she and her husband established the soul of Laticrete, shaping it into the family-run and family-oriented business it is today. “Words cannot express the depth and pain of this loss. Our devoted mother was a true inspiration to all members of the immediate Rothberg and extended Laticrete family,” said David Rothberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Laticrete. “She was not only our loving mom, but was instrumental in the creation of the company’s philosophy and values.” Ahead of her time, Rothberg brilliantly balanced the demands of career, family and leadership. Without her active involvement, Laticrete would not be the successful worldwide company it continues to be. “No matter what we do, our company’s actions are based on family values,” continued David Rothberg. “And, from the very beginning, our company’s values have been the values born by both my mother and father.”

Outside of her professional life, she was known for her superb insights into human nature, passionate concern for sociopolitical justice and love of literature. She and her husband took pleasure in inspiring young members of their growing family to achieve great things. Their devotion to mentorship and education led them to contribute 20 scholarships to Dr. Henry M. Rothberg’s alma mater, the University of South Carolina’s School of Chemical Engineering. Rothberg is survived by her seven children, Irene Rothberg, Henry B. Rothberg, David Rothberg, Deborah Rothberg, Celia Meadow, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, Michael Rothberg, 19 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.