LOS ANGELES, CA -- Walker Zanger, one of the world's most comprehensive stone and tile company, introduces the new Stardust collection, featuring mosaic tile that is waterjet cut from lava stone and glazed to achieve a textured, hand-crafted aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from celestial themes, 1970s glam and textiles, the Stardust collection features a variety of sleek, modern patterns to create a unique visual language.

"We are seeing a definite trend toward using texture and metallics in design," said Walker Zanger Vice president of design and marketing, Jared Becker. “With Stardust, we fully embraced a modern aesthetic by using highly-textured lava stone with a metallic glaze that accentuates the stone's tactile depth."

The patterns bring to mind designers, such as Vernor Panton and David Hicks, and are inspired by heavenly bodies with names such as Apollo, Cosmos, Eclipse and Zenith. The lava design takes cues from "fat lava"-style pottery and looks like frozen flows of lava encased in thick, encrusted glazes. Eclipse signifies how the sun and moon dance during this celestial event, juxtaposing light and dark colors between circles and stars. The Zenith pattern uses a vortex of elongated hexagons to draw the eye in, as if looking deep into the heavens and concentrating on a far point.

Stardust's palette pays homage to the 1970s era of glam rock and visual experimentation, reminiscent of foil wallpaper and mirrored surfaces, which create a blend of bright metallics, cool neutrals and bold blacks and whites. Its celestial-themed color names -- Moon Rock, Twilight, Nova, Solar, Midnight and Glam -- drew from the atmospheric glazes themselves, which alternate between twinkly silvers, deep-space blacks, heavenly whites and starry golds.

For more information, please visit walkerzanger.com.