Indiana Limestone Company has introduced Garden Wall, a natural stone product in the firm’s Urban Hardscape line. Garden Wall, an ideal dry-set solution for the widest possible range of landscaping wall projects, embodies the unmatched quality, durability and visual appeal of genuine Indiana limestone.

Garden Wall is available in Indiana Limestone’s Full Color Blend, a combination of appealing buff and gray hues that have given structures across North America a distinctive look for more than a century. Like all other Indiana limestone products, Garden Wall is popular with masons and landscapers’ installation crews who appreciate that it’s easy to tool, cut and size.

Standard wall caps and pier caps, a long-standing staple of the Indiana Limestone Company finished-goods portfolio, are available to finish installations in the Garden Wall line. Landscape architects, builders, contractors, remodelers and consumers can now select classic limestone for the ideal realization of many landscape and hardscape projects.

“Garden Wall is an extremely ver-satile product,” said Ben Wojcikiewicz, Indiana Limestone Company product manager. “Available in 3- and 6-inch heights, it can either be purchased in single heights or mixed for different stylings. Whether it’s more formally coursed, or in a random ashlar pattern, the ease of cutting and field dressing of Indiana limestone means masonry or landscape contractors can meet design intentions in many applications with minimal effort.”

The limited environmental impact of quarrying, cutting and dressing operations for Indiana limestone makes it an exceptional green product. For certain projects in the central Midwest, it may earn LEED credits, according to Indiana Limestone Company.