ROMEOVILLE, IL -- Laser Products, a world leader in digital templating, has experienced significant growth over the past few years. There has been enough expansion that in order to continue to offer the same quality of service, the company has added two sales territories.

Laser Products has announced Aaron Alexander as the new northwest sales manager. Alexander has spent the last two years as a sales manager for the fabric division. He has trained users to template highly complex jobs with ease and to streamline their production workflow. The past year, he has also trained hundreds of customers in the stone division. Because of this experience, Alexander has the knowledge and dedication needed to carry on as a regional salesman at Laser Products.

Drew Thornton has also transitioned from the industrial fabrics division to the countertop division as the south central sales manager. Thornton has spent almost 20 years in the countertop fabrication industry, most of that time, selling laser templators for the company. Before making the switch to industrial fabrics, Thornton worked with countertop companies in the southeast U.S. and will now be covering many of those same customers again.

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