Thank you for taking the time to read Contemporary Stone & Tile Design. I know that as architects and designers, you have extremely busy days and we at the magazine wanted to let you know we appreciate your support. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jason Kamery, and I am the new editor of the magazine. Jennifer Richinelli is still with us, but now serves as editorial director. I have had the opportunity to work with this magazine for a few years and am honored to be the new editor of the publication.

There are so many new and exciting things that we have planned in the coming issues that we cannot wait to share with you. One of the first things we’re focusing on is featuring online exclusive content each month on our website, If you haven’t already, sign up on the site for our enewsletter that will alert you to the new online exclusive content. You can expect to start receiving emails about the online exclusive content in the coming months.

For this issue, we are excited to share with you four features that focus on using compact and ultrathin slabs in both residential and commercial projects. As these products continue to gain popularity, we wanted to share different ideas of applications, including an upscale dining environment in the interior of a Saks Fifth Avenue (page 14).

The Turnberry residence (page 22) illustrates how these ultrathin ceramic tiles can be used to give a luxury condominium a more modern feel by creating a continuous surface throughout the entire penthouse. Additionally, we cover the use of Laminam in an occupied space and the associated challenges (page 26) and also how to achieve a contemporary look with sintered surfacing in a residential project (page 30).

We also feature the new headquarters for the law firm of Kaye Scholer in New York City (page 34) — detailing how the design mixed a variety of porcelain tiles and stones to create a sleek contemporary office space. For the majority of the project, a marble-inspired porcelain tile was utilized to help bring the vision to life.

Finally, we cover the transformation of a master bathroom makeover in an Austin, TX, home (page 40). The designer used a wide array of tiles to give the bathroom the feel of a modern retreat.

Here at Contemporary Stone and Tile Design, we are enthusiastic about the future of the magazine and want to give you the best content possible. If there are topics you are interested in or projects you are truly proud to be a part of that you wish we would cover, please send me an email at and let’s talk about it.