AURORA, IL -- Floor warming technology is stepping into the future with a new breakthrough innovation: the TEC™ In-Floor Heat. Unlike other floor warming systems available, TEC™ In-Floor Heat is customizable on-site to fit any space, with no down time for special ordering. TEC™ In-Floor Heat features no embedded heating wires that need to be patterned, and is thinner than other alternatives on the market at just 1/64-inch thin.

The extremely thin mat maintains less floor buildup than other systems, and provides uniform warmth underneath tile and stone using infrared heat technology.

In-floor heating systems are a growing 2016 residential and commercial trend. Increasingly installed in high-end luxury residential bathrooms, tile installers often face extended lead times for special-order heat mats. TEC In-Floor Heat eliminates the lag time of special ordering and expedites the installation.

Professionals can purchase TEC In-Floor Heat mat for their job specifications at a local distributor -- along with 120 or 240 volt wire harnesses, a TEC® Crimping Tool and Edge-Sealing Tape to install the mat. Installers can then use the crimping tool to fasten the wire harnesses to the mat. Then, they must apply a polymer modified mortar, like TEC® Super Flex™ Mortar, onto the prepared subfloor to install the heat sensor and heat mat. The heat mat features no coils or wires that need patterning -- eliminating an installation step. Once the mortar has cured, tile or stone can be installed directly on top of the heat mat. The floor temperature is controlled by a TEC™ Touch-Screen Thermostat or TEC™ Programmable Thermostat, which a licensed electrician must hook up and connect to the in-floor heating system.

"TEC™ In-Floor Heat saved me 50% on labor compared to the floor warming system I used previously," said JJ Sabenorio, of 1DayRemodeling in Castro Valley, CA. "The customizable mat is the easiest and quickest heat system I've ever seen. I only needed a thin layer of thinset to cover the mat compared to the thicker cable systems offered by competitors that usually require touchup after the pour."

Not only does TEC™ In-Floor Heat create optimal comfort, it's built for optimal safety. It meets the highest UL Safety Standards and conforms to International Electromagnetic Field Safety Standard IEC/EN 62233, so homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their families are protected.

When installed with TEC® HydraFlex™ Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane, Super Flex™ Mortar and TEC® grout, TEC™ In-Floor Heat has a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, read the installation guide at