Creative Edge Master Shop, the pioneer and world leader in the application of waterjet technology to architectural fabrication, has announced a new licensing agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The agreement authorizes Creative Edge to interpret distinctive designs from the Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) Foundation's extensive archives in stone, terrazzo and metal materials for residential and commercial hard surface flooring.

The FLW Foundation archives contain the world's most complete collection of materials related to a single artist. Wright's distinctive architectural designs range from residences created in the Prairie style of the late 19th century, to modern styles including Falling Water, the Usonian Homes, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Combining Wright's designs with Creative Edge's application of waterjet technology to architectural fabrication adds a new dimension to signature flooring crafted in the style and characteristic of Wright's compositions. The FLW Foundation, in keeping with the living legacy of Wright's work, will approve all fabrication plans and designs.

Creative Edge's waterjet interpretations can be used in many types of structures. The firm will create the Frank Lloyd Wright fabrications using terrazzo, an ancient system once composed of stone chips in a cement matrix; today's terrazzo replaces cement with epoxy. Creative Edge's terrazzo flooring can be fabricated in the factory or poured on site. Wright's most famous use of terrazzo was The Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Stone and metal materials will also be used. The palette of stone available from global sources offers an unlimited set of colors, patterns and textures. Granite, limestone, marble, slate and onyx offer natural, organic options design for lobbies, borders, accents and other design elements. Metal materials are the classical architectural metals such as brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, which will figure into the fabrication techniques and can be combined as accents, lines, or features in both terrazzo and stone floors.

"The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is excited about this new partnership with Creative Edge Master Shop to design beautiful custom hard surface floors that draw inspiration from Wright's philosophy of organic architecture and his powerful connection with Nature," said Stuart Graff, President and CEO of the FLW Foundation. "The Foundation exists to enrich society through an understanding of his ideas, architecture and design and we feel this new collaboration will help showcase our important mission."

The FLW Foundation, established by Wright in 1940, along with the owners of various Frank Lloyd Wright building sites, own copyrights that give them exclusivity to duplicate buildings and designs created by the renowned architect, which are protected by copyright and trademark law.

The FLW Foundation engages academics, authors, scholars, reputable organizations and online and virtual communities to educate the public about the work and teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright. For more information about the FLW Foundation, go to