OOLITIC, IN -- Indiana Limestone Co. has contributed stone for use in the 2015 BAC/IMI International Apprentice contest, which was held September 11 to 12at the John J. Flynn BAC/IMI International Training Center in Bowie, MD.

The competition is a joint event sponsored by the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers and the International Masonry Institute.

BAC apprentices from the union's five regions competed in eight craft categories: brick, cement, marble, plaster, PCC, stone, terrazzo and tile.

Indiana Limestone Co. donated its versatile Berkshire split-face limestone for competing apprentices to use in the stone portion of the event.

"We appreciate Indiana Limestone and all the vendors taking part in the contest," said Bob Arnold, National Director of Education and Training for the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation. "Their support for events like this makes the trades stronger."

"It's great to be part of this competition and support the IMI," added Dan Ouellette, Indiana Limestone Co.'s Eastern Regional Manager. "Along with the BAC, their efforts to support the training and development of American masons are essential to the continued success of construction in this country."