Chemical Concepts has announced a fastening solution which reduces the time and effort that’s put into ensuring a strong and reliable bond. The Keep-Nut from in-house brand, Chem–Set, was designed specifically with strength and convenience in mind. With the capacity to withstand up to 300 KG of pressure, yet the convenience of an easy-to-use threaded design, Keep-Nut capably balances the best of both worlds. Interested professionals in the countertop and construction industries can sample the Keep-Nut product by requesting a free trial pack sample online, available for a limited time through Chemical Concepts, Inc.

Additional benefits of Keep-Nut include quick assembly without the need for adhesives, as well as ease of use with CNC machines and standard tools. The Keep-Nut allows for an internal assembly with no external pieces, as well as without any tensile force on the receiving material when the insert isn’t being pulled out.

Assembling the product is as simple as applying pressure. The application process involves three basic steps: preparing the hole in the receiving material, ensuring the correct hold dimensions with a go/no go gauge and installing the Keep-Nut with pressure. The Keep-Nut is ideal for use on undermount sinks and countertops, stone surfaces as well as glass, ventilated facades, wall-coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, and kitchen and sanitary elements. Its inventive press-in insert with mechanical anchoring is comprised of stainless steel and comes with a set of elastic crowns and a plastic ring for housing the complete assembly.