LEWIS CENTER, OH -- Abrasive Technology (AT) has announced the formation of Manufacturing with Heart, Inc. as part of the Abrasive Technology family of companies.

This consulting and coaching business will work with small manufacturing companies to share strategies to help owners and senior executives understand the underpinnings of heart culture, why it matters and how it shows up in the productivity, turnover rates and bottom line of manufacturing organizations.

Over the past 20 years, Abrasive Technology has developed a unique organizational structure based on Michael Hammer's concepts of a Process Centered Organization (PCO) and a positive company culture through development work with the Center for Creative Leadership. The significant accomplishments of the work together are outlined in their book, Transforming Your Leadership Culture.

"I believe the evolution of our culture has positively changed and improved the lives of the associates who have been and are a part of AT," said Daryl L. Peterman, CEO. "I am excited about the new opportunities this venture provides to enhance the reputation of AT, expand the concepts of AT's PCO and improve the lives of many more people."

This unique model is documented in a new book, Manufacturing with Heart, A Holistic Approach, a roadmap for transformational changes in culture and organizational structure that aligns actions to the core belief that people can be trusted. This model brings together two elements: Heart culture and a process-centered organization. PCO replaces the traditional hierarchical organization of vice presidents, managers and supervisors with a flatter structure of leaders, process engineers and coaches. The result is employees feel more connected to their contributions, decision-making and outcomes of the business. New ways of doing things lead to new insights and new insights lead to more productive, collaborative and meaningful behavior.