Axson US, Inc. and Tenax USA have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership for Axson's Wood and Stone line of products. Under the terms of this agreement, Axson Technologies -- a division of Axson US, Inc. -- will continue to manufacture all products under the Wood and Stone brand, while Tenax USA will have exclusive sales and distribution rights for that product line.

"Axson Technologies' reputation for offering high-quality Wood and Stone products, combined with Tenax USA's established marketing and sales channels within the stone industry, make this partnership a natural fit for both organizations," stated Marty Poljan, general manager at Axson US. "We are very excited to have Tenax as our partner and are confident that our customers will be pleased with the professional and experienced service that they provide."

Filippo Emanuel, CEO of Tenax USA, couldn't agree more. "Tenax USA is extremely pleased with this strategic partnership," he said. "We are confident this will greatly benefit all stone fabricators by offering them a greater selection of products, more technical support and more ways to find real solutions to their natural and engineered stone business. It is our job and duty as manufacturers to be an extension of every fabricator's business, to help them use the correct product and provide solutions, no matter what that application is. Between Tenax Italy and Axson Wood and Stone, we have solidified this very fact."