Omni Cubed now offers new models of their all-terrain AT1and AT2 Pro-Carts, a new model of the low-profile Pro-Dolly called the Pro-Dolly HD1 and an all new low-profile dolly called the Pro-Dolly HD2. The Pro-Dolly HD1 and HD2 are smaller carts that sit very close to the ground, and are often used in pairs for large, tall countertops (two Pro-Dolly HD2s can handle tops weighing up to 2,000 pounds).
AT1 and AT2 Pro-Carts

The new AT1 and AT2 Pro-Carts and Pro-Dolly HD1 and Pro-Dolly HD2 are now available from Omni Cubed.

In contrast, the Pro-Cart AT1 and AT2 are larger carts that have been designed to sit higher off the ground for increased maneuverability in “all-terrain” situations, when rolling over curbs or when a trip up stairs is required (the Pro-Carts are designed to enable “resting” on stairs to make the process safer and less strenuous for installers). All 2014 model Omni Cubed carts now feature gray, flat-free, non-marking polyurethane tires.