The Building Stone Institute (BSI) invites companies and individuals with an interest in thenatural stoneindustry to consider membership with the BSI. With an emphasis on connecting, the BSI uses their networking events to bring together a diverse group of stone industry professionals seeking to meet new sources, learn new techniques and build lasting relationships to foster greater business potential.Building Stone Institute

Recently, the BSI Membership Committee, under the strong leadership of Kent Barnow of U.S. Stone Industries, has initiated an "Every Member Gets a Member" recruitment campaign, seeking full membership involvement. Barnow suggests current members use the upcoming September 8 to 10 Study Tour in Minneapolis, MN, to invite a colleague to attend, engage with members, and once connected, realize the value in membership.

Incentives exist for current members in this call to action. For each new member signed, BSI will credit 10% of the dues paid to the recruiting member. These "BSI Bucks" may be applied to event registration or future membership dues. For more information on joining the BSI go to