MIA Member Company:

Stone Supplier/Stone Fabricator: M&G CONTRACTS (S) PTE LTD, Singapore

Other Project Team Members:

Client: Ocean Properties LLP

Design Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Local Architect: Architects 61

Stone: Travertino Chiaro(Light Classico Travertine)



Award of Merit - Commerical Interior

The Smith Center for Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV

In search of a timeless and elegant design befitting a world-class performing arts center, Myron Martin, President and CEO of the Smith Center, selected David M. Schwarz Architects’ Art Deco style, which incorporates 1930s motifs and echoes the design elements of the Hoover Dam.

Intertile Natural Stone Surfaces imported all the marble cut-to-size and ready for installation from Italy. The main floors are composed of light and dark polished Fior di Pesco in an alternating pattern. The walls are polished Rosso Asiago installed in book and diamond matched patterns.

The success of the project was largely due to the quality of Superior Tile and Stone’s engineering team, the accuracy of the fabrication and the skill of the masons, setters and finishers that installed the stone. The two Founders Walls were perhaps the most difficult aspect of coordination. Each wall is composed of eight perfectly aligned diamond matched panels. One is a curved wall in the concave rotunda entry. Custom fonts were developed for engraving over two thousand characters, and many of the founders’ names span more than one marble panel.

MIA Member Companies:

Stone Supplier:Intertile Natural Stone Surfaces, San Leandro, CA

Stone Installer: Superior Tile and Stone, San Leandro, CA

Other Project Team Members:

Architectural Design: David M. Schwarz Architects

General Contractor: Whiting Turner

Stone: Fior di Pesco, Rosso Asiago



Award of Merit - Commerical Interior

El Paso Energy Building, Houston, TX

All 32 stories of the El Paso Energy Building received a renovation while the building remained fully occupied. A major feature of the redesign is the hanging radius glass walls that stretched over two floors surrounded by Calacatta Gold marble on the inside and Impala Black granite and Victorian White granite at the basement level and exterior.

CMS was responsible for the installation of 13,000 square feet of flamed Sunset Red granite floors, 28,000 square feet of flamed Victoria White granite floors and 2,000 square feet of flamed Impala Black granite floors. The first and second floors consisted of 22,000 square feet of polished Calacatta Gold marble, 1,000 square feet of polished Impala Black granite and 100 square feet of polished Victoria White granite. The sub-basement and the tunnel area consisted of 17,500 square feet of granite. CMS was also responsible for the procurement and installation of 8,000 square feet of quarry floor tile, 40,000 square feet of white glazed wall tile, 2,000 square feet of grey porcelain floor tile, 1,000 square feet of glass tile and 337 lavatory tops.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Contractor: Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd., Houston, TX

Other Project Team Members:

Owner: Epec Realty, Inc.

Architect: Gensler Architects

General Contractor/Client: Gilbane Building Company, Savema

Stone Fabricator: Cold Spring Granite Company (MIA Member Company)

Stone: Sunset Red granite, Victoria White granite, Black granite, Calacatta Gold marble, Impala Black granite



Award of Merit - Commerical Exterior

Brickell World Plaza, Miami, FL

The 600 Brickell includes a high-rise office tower and 30,000-square-foot Brickell World Plaza. Cappuccino Mocha quartzitic limestone was selected as the primary stone with Black Pearl granite surrounds. Three primary sections, each 52 feet tall by 25 feet wide, extend 100 feet above the plaza -- with four sub-sections separated by granite reveals. Installing book-matched and end-matched stones, Titan had to exercise extreme care, and no breakage occurred. Also, all perimeter edges were epoxied together requiring “blind” anchorage, achieved with a system designed by Titan and CDC to allow for last minute adjustments in three-piece anchor assemblies. Flamed, brushed Silver Pearl granite provides a soft gray palette for the hard surfacing.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Contractor/Stone Installer: Titan Stone, LLC, Pompano Beach, FL

Other Project Team Members:

Owner: Forum Group

Feature Wall Architect: RTKL Architects

Exterior Plaza Designers: Sasaki Associates

General Contractor: John Moriarity & Associates

Stone Facade Engineering and Design: Curtain Wall Design &
Consulting (CDC) (MIA Member Company)

Feature Wall & Granite Site Work Fabricator: Pokarna (MIA Member Company)

Coral Stone Site Work Fabricator:Marmotech

Stone: Cappuccino Mocha Quartzitic limestone, Black Pearl granite, Silver Pearl granite Palladium Coral limestone



Award of Merit - Residential Interior/Exterior

Masterpiece of Upper Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Developer George Kevo collaborated with Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc., and Aalto Design to design and fabricate floors for a French chateau masterpiece home.

A project of this nature requires meticulous care and excellent craftsmanship. Both developer George Kevo and Harri Aalto, President of Aalto Design, have discerning eyes and discriminating tastes. Working together, Harri Aalto was able to interpret and add his design style to Kevo's idea. Their collaboration yielded floors containing over 20 colors and over 2,200 feet of stunning artistry.

Some of the stones used in this project were Crema Marfil, Emperador Dark, Jerusalem Gold, Indus Gold, Quetzel Green and French Vanilla. Design and colors were carefully chosen following the developer’s interior decorations. After a month of designing and programming, Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc. fabricated and shipped over 40,000 pieces of preassembled stone flooring for installation.

MIA Member Company:

Waterjet/Stone Fabricator: Creative Edge Master
Shop, Inc., Fairfield, IA

Other Project Team Members:

Stone Installer/General Contractor: Kevo Corp

Stone Suppliers: Levantina USA, Inc. (MIA Member Company),
Nasco Stone & Tile

Designers: Aalto Design, Kevo Corp

Stone: Crema Marfil, Emperador Dark, Jerusalem Gold,
 Indus Gold, Quetzel Green, French Vanilla



Award of Merit - Residential Interior

Krungthrp Kreetha Residence, Bangkok, Thailand

The design of the living room continues the non-orthogonal concept of the external architecture. The facets enhance the modernity and underline the light beams entering the room from the south west side. The stone color reacts and contrasts in relation to the angle and orientation to the main natural light source in an array of hues of grays, greens and blues. The continuation of the stone pattern from the outside to the inside emphasizes the flow of the light.

Stones and Roses International (SRI) started this challenging piece of work from a general elevation. The first step consisted in building a 3D model in particle board. Then SRI followed through with the 3D Auto-CAD drawing of the stone wall. Folding the stone along the facets, involved the drawing of more than 40 sections which were later assembled at precise angles. The last step consisted in calculating the size and angle of each slab for production. SRI also designed and manufactured the steel structure which was erected parallel and recessed from the stone wall in order to receive the dry fixing anchors for the installation of the stone slabs.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Supplier/Stone Fabricator/Stone Installer: Stone and Roses International Co. Ltd.,

Samutprakam, Thailand

Other Project Team Members:

Client/General Contractor: Silom Furniture Co. Ltd.

Architect: Interior Architects 49 Limited

Stone: Blue Grey Slate



Award of Merit - Restoration/Renovation

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH

Museums may be rooted in time, but growth calls for contemporary transitions. In 1999, New York-based firm Rafael Vinoly Architects took on the challenge to expand and renovate the Cleveland Museum of Art, while keeping in mind the historic significance of the museum’s existing design.

A strict adherence to the team’s preservation goals resulted in Polycor providing the building’s original marble, White Cherokee, from its quarry in Tate, GA. Once quarried, the fabrication and finishing of pieces required acute attention to detail to maintain the integrity of the original design, including following the original specifications of the project from 1916. The team relied on existing structures, in addition to the building’s original drawings and photographs from that era, to ensure accuracy in recreating molding and intricate details through the project. Central to the expansion project was the use of original materials specified in 1916. White Cherokee was therefore complemented by Newton Brown granite from Quebec, Canada. The final product is considered to be the largest cultural project in all of Ohio.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Supplier/Stone Fabricator: Polycor, Quebec, Canada

Other Project Team Members:

Architect/Designer: Rafael Vinoly Architects

Stone Installer: Cleveland Marble Mosaic Co. (MIA Member Company)

General Contractor: Panzica Construction Company

Stone: White Cherokee marble, Newton Brown granite



Special Award of Merit - Commerical Exterior

Brickell World Plaza, Miami, FL

Ave Maria University staged a worldwide competition to solicit a work of art for the main entry niche of its existing stone-clad Oratory. Carrara-based sculptor Marton Varo submitted a design of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to be carved from White Carrara marble quarried from the still-active Cave Michelangelo, from which the marble for St. Peter’s famous Pieta was extracted. To create this sculpture, Varo required over 120 tons of raw Carrara marble blocks, which he selected from the quarry himself.

The configuration of the existing facade surround, projecting well beyond the face of the Oratory substrate, made it impossible to utilize a traditional crane configuration to hoist the sculpture. As such, Titan Stone and CDC devised a counter-balanced beam trolley projecting from below the end of the crane outward so that the 7- x 7 ½-feet pieces once hoisted to level could then be moved horizontally into place under the overhanging stone. Titan was also forced to provide a great deal of perimeter field cutting to achieve proper alignment within these difficult constraints.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Contractor: Titan Stone, LLC, Pompano Beach, FL

Other Project Team Members:

Annunciation Sculptor: Marton Varo

General Contractor: Ave Maria University

Stone Façade Engineering and Design: Curtain Wall Design & Consulting (CDC) (MIA Member Company)

Stone: Carrara marble



Special Award of Merit - Sustainability

MDA Expansion, Tucson, AZ

The Rachel Ann Perkinson Center is a two story, 15,000-square-foot expansion of MDA’s national headquarters building and was built to the highest standards of green design and energy efficiency. It was designed to fit into its natural desert surroundings and complement, rather than mimic, the bold architecture of the original building. The LEED project achieved Gold-level certification.

The exterior and interior include polished desert stone cladding. The stone acted as a unifying element between the natural surroundings and the architecture of the building. The natural stone was a large contributor to the LEED Gold Certification. The use of this indigenous resource and its proximity of 500 miles to the job site reduced the environmental implications which typically result from the transportation involved on a project. Las Vegas Rock is the only Silver Cradle-to-Cradle natural stone in the world. There is zero waste in production — 100% of the Las Vegas Rock byproduct is re-purposed. These attributes along with the cradle-to-cradle certification allowed for another point in the LEED rating system for the Innovation in Design Credit.

MIA Member Company:

Stone Supplier/Stone Fabricator: Las Vegas Rock Inc., Jean, NV

Other Project Team Members:

Architect/Designer: Carpenter Sellars

General Contractor: Sundt

Client: Muscular Dystrophy Association

Stone Installer: Diversified

Stone: Meta-Quartzite