LEXINGTON, KY --Florida Tilehas taken the look of early Americana and its own made in the U.S. initiative a few steps further with the release of Cliffside HDP High Definition Porcelain™ wall and floor tile, inspired by traditional Vermont slate.
HDP High Definition Porcelain line
Florida Tile's Cliffside Collection in Light Grotto.

"As an American manufacturer, we love to promote anything American," said Marketing Director Sean Cilona. "That is especially true in the design of our newest color body porcelain floor and wall tile line, Cliffside. This material has been used as a building material since the founding of this great country."

Florida Tile’s Cliffside takes those traditional benefits and delivers a product that is better -- porcelain. Cliffside can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

According to Cilona, "Available in pressed, 12-x 12-, 12- x 24- and 18- x 18-inch formats, Cliffside will outperform real slate in durability, ease of maintenance, price and color offering. Cliffside is offered in the deep monochromatic blue and gray tones of Vermont slate, right down to the classic clefted slate surface.

"We began with three colors that represent traditional slate -- light gray, deep blue and dark gray/black, named by Florida Tile as Light Grotto, Blue Oasis and Gorge Dark Gray, respectively, " Cilona continued. "Then we introduced a fourth color that combines the look of slate with a  traditional sandstone color called Beige Bluff. With Cliffside, design opportunities in this stone are endless, regardless of where you are in America."

Designed using Florida Tile’s HDP-High Definition Porcelain technology, the company not only was able to reproduce this stone look, but also to combine it with a very sophisticated series of five different punches or textures per color, creating a surface that’s truly remarkable.

"From strong cleft to slight texture, the variation of the physical punches combined with the graphic, visual representation of texture makes this a look that you can’t keep your hands off of," said Cilona.

Accompanying the field tile is an M12 mosaic, 6- x12-inch cove base and corners as well as a 3- x 12-inch bullnose all offered in four colors.

Decorative listellos are 2 x 12 inches and created in a warm and cool version. The surface has strong linear crosshatch of raised forms that are accented by a heavy gloss glaze application which draws a strong contrast to the matte base.

Cliffside is made in the U.S. of 40% post-industrial recycled content. It is GreenGuard and Porcelain Tile Certified, and meets the new DCOF Accutest requirements to be installed in wet areas.

An all new tile category, HDP High Definition Porcelain™ is a Florida Tile trademarked brand. HDP High Definition Porcelain™ is the most technically advanced glazing system available today delivering the most realistic image possible in stone or wood and also allowing for the creation low relief patterns, handmade effects, fabric looks and mosaics.