Working out of a 13,000-square-foot facility in Rivoli Veronese, Verona, Italy, Segraf s.r.l. is equipped with state-of-the-art technology at all stages of production — from cutting and polishing to material handling.

The company is part of the Testi Group, an internationally known producer and supplier of stone materials from around the world, and the shop focuses on fabricating precision stonework for architectural projects.

Segraf’s shop features a range of innovations in terms of material cutting. The centerpiece is an Echo CNC bridge saw from Donatoni. The saw features five interpolated axes, and it features a fully rotating cutting head that can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees.

All of the machine’s operations can be controlled by a touch-screen, and the saw also features a second table. This minimizes downtime for the saw at Segraf, as workers can quickly slide out the table with the finished pieces and replace it with the second table with new workpieces to be processed.

Finished products processed on the Donatoni Echo 625 include kitchen countertops and vanities as well architectural panels, stairs, flooring and more.

Material is also cut using a Donatoni Quadrix PD, which is also programmable, and a waterjet from Waterjet Italia is used for cutting curves or other complex shapes.

Advanced equipment at Segraf also includes a Donatoni Kronos CNC stoneworking center. The machine is used for profiling and polishing edges of the material, and it is used for a range of shapes, such as circular, oval, rectangular or square. It is also capable of drilling and milling blocks, and it can execute bas-reliefs as well as engraving.

Straight edge polishing is achieved using a CMG Taurus profiler and a CMG Flotter profiler, and material is maneuvered around the shop using a Manzelli Exential lifter.

Finished architectural work for Segraf is shipped to jobsites around the world, and during the time of Stone World’s visit to the shop, it was processing granite panels for a project in the U.S.