Long-established as the leading international trade show for the stone industry, the next edition ofMarmomaccis set to take place in Verona, Italy, from September 26 to 29, 2012. The event will showcase a wide range of stone materials and technology from around the world, and it also includes an in-depth education and cultural program that includes several initiations to bridge the stone and design sector.

The exhibition area at Marmomacc, which includes interior and exterior space, features displays of marble, granite and other stone materials in a range of formats, including blocks, slabs, tiles, mosaics, wall cladding, furnishings and other cut-to-size work. Each year, exhibitors from around the world utilize Marmomacc as a platform to release newly discovered materials, finishes and formats to the international marketplace.

Beyond stone materials, Marmomacc is a showcase for the world’s leading manufacturers of stoneworking equipment to release new offerings to the industry. As always, a range of new machinery models will be on display in Verona, and attendees can see them in operation first-hand. These include large-scale machines as well as smaller equipment for fabrication shops, including CNC stoneworking centers, waterjet machinery, bridge saws, polishing machines, material handling equipment, templating technology and more.

Also of interest to stone-processing professionals, manufacturers of tooling and accessories such as diamond blades, polishing pads, profile wheels and more are also found in abundance.

In the area of stone installation and maintenance, leading manufacturers of adhesives, sealants, cleaners and related products will also be at Marmomacc, with a range of hands-on demonstrations to give attendees a view of the materials at work.

Educational and cultural program

Marmomacc 2012 will showcase a number of initiatives that will further consolidate the show’s fundamental role in inspiring and promoting experimental stone design. Some are ongoing — “Marmomacc Meets Design” has reached its seventh edition — while others, such as “Marmomacc and the City” and “100% Gravity,” are brand new. Also, for the first time, in conjunction with Archi-Europe, Marmomacc is launching a stone design competition.

The seventh edition of Marmomacc Meets Design (MMD) continues to investigate the potential and versatility of stone materials through relationships, combining the experience of stone companies and the creativity of international designers. MMD follows an approach to innovation that searches for new interpretations of stone, which is proven to be extremely ductile in responding to contemporary requirements. This year, the project focuses on one of the most important themes in current society: sustainability.

“As a natural material, marble embraces an aesthetic, cultural and design heritage ensuring extraordinary harmony with this revival of ecological, environmental and landscape concerns,” stated Veronafiere. “This revival has deeply ethical roots that have influenced the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, architecture and interior design with new sensitivity.

“The rediscovery of natural materials also means the return of color, now extended to all areas of daily life,” Veronafiere continued. “Until very recently, a cold and monochrome technological palette imposed an almost exclusively white, black and steel-hued dominance. The imposing return, on an international level, of natural materials, has also led to the collective reappropriation of a more kaleidoscopic and colorful world. Colorfulness is deeply linked to the very essence of the stone materials from every corner of the planet that Marmomacc presents and showcases every year, offering designers endless possibilities.”

In a new initiative in conjunction with the City of Verona and the Veronese Order of Architects, Veronafiere is bringing Marmomacc to Verona’s piazzas for the “Marmomacc and the City” showcase. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to display their stonework in a Veronese piazza or courtyard.

Meanwhile, 100% Gravity is an exhibit of large-scale architectural fragments focused on developing and expanding recent experimentation with massive stone. Designers and exhibitors have been invited to participate in this exhibit.

Marmomacc’s new “Sensory Lab,” nicknamed “Touch Me,” is being presented in conjunction with the Centro Servizi Marmo, and it will offer an interactive setting allowing visitors to directly experience the visual and tactile characteristics of stone materials at different stages of processing. The goal is to provide hands-on knowledge of stone materials and how they are used. Additionally, designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba will create a 1,000-square-foot urban setting featuring the stone facade of a building, combined with a stone-clad wine bar. Visitors will be able to admire the project while enjoying a glass of wine.

Hall 7B, where many of these initiatives will be on display, will be the focal point of Marmomacc’s ongoing dialogue with the design community. In particular, the “Marble Forum” will host a number of lectures, roundtables, and awards ceremonies involving members of the stone trade and of the academic design community.

The Marmomacc Architecture and Design Competition will recognize the best stone designs in three categories: spa, restaurant/wine bar and retail store.

For more information on the event, visit www.marmomacc.com.